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Carona - a place of refuge and nostalgia



Message from the committee of Pro Carona

Carona - a place of refuge and nostalgia

We Carona people feel particularly privileged in this extraordinary year. We have the great fortune to live in a very beautiful and intact village, surrounded by nature but nevertheless situated in an urban context. Especially this year we appreciate even more its geographical position, its surroundings and the social fabric that Carona can offer us.

Since the beginning of June, many people from Ticino have also discovered or rediscovered this gem of a village. Many of them have told us that they have not been here for years or that they did not know Carona at all. Our pride and joy, such as the historic village center, the San Grato Park, the sports facilities with the municipal swimming pool, the tennis court and the wonderful hiking and biking trails on the peaks of Monte Arbostora, have been the main attractions for many tourists to Carona. Many tourists from the German-speaking part of Switzerland, and this year especially from the French-speaking, visited us.

Past, present, future - time never stands still in Carona either, but it passes and brings with it change. Where one door closes, others open and new opportunities arise. With this in mind, we would like to thank the Riva family of Ristorante Parco San Grato and the Parini family of Ristorante La Posta, as well as Mr. Adriano Geiger of “B&B Casa del 1577” for their commitment to our Carona over the years. Special thanks also go to the late Mr Albisetti, who sadly passed away in January this year, and to his family. Over the years, “Pan Perdü” has always been a meeting place and a place of good memories. Let us never forget that it is also thanks to these tourist millstones that Carona has been able to survive and continues to be alive today.

The future can only exist alongside the past. This is why we are very grateful that Francesco Donati (already owner of the “Trani” restaurant in Lugano) has taken over the management of Ristorante La Posta. In the near future, the Ristorante Parco San Grato and the Ristorante “La Sosta” will also reappear to customers in all their splendor and complete the already extensive gastronomic range in Carona. The renovation of the Ristorante San Grato by the Municipality of Lugano has also begun.

Pro Carona's activities unfortunately had to be significantly reduced due to the directives issued by the Confederation and the Canton. In retrospect, however, we have achieved a very positive result. According to the report broadcast by RSI "Vacanze a KM zero" and the replies collected in the village, Carona this year recorded an influx of tourists not seen for many years.

The current situation in which many tourists have preferred contact with nature and its virtues, the various marketing activities promoted by Pro Carona, the Region of Lugano, Ticino Tourism, Switzerland Tourism (Million Stars Hotel - Tree Tent Parco San Grato), the Canton of Ticino (with the action "Vivi il tuo Ticino") and not least the Mercedes-Benz national TV spot with the presence of Roger Federer in Piazza Montàa have aroused great interest in Carona and its surroundings.

Pro Carona would therefore like to express its heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported us in this special and challenging year.

The year 2021 is just around the corner. Pro Carona is optimistic about the people of Carona and the tourists who will visit us in the future. Let us always remember how fantastic this gem of a town is and let us preserve it with special care. Thank you very much


The Committee of Pro Carona

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