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APSG is a non-profit public benefit association that promotes the San Grato Park while preserving its characteristics in harmony with the wild flora and fauna in collaboration with the Luganese Tourist Board. The APSG offers demonstrations, events, didactic activities, guided tours and didactic aids of various kinds accessible to visitors

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The Carona Sports Association

The Carona Sports Association was founded in 1969

AND  affiliated with both the Swiss Football Association (ASF) and the Ticino Football Federation (FTC). 

The social colors are the  black-garnet.

The purpose of our company is to be able to involve the greatest number of people and young people in the practice of this sport and always bring joy and fun trying to create new friendships regardless of the sporting result.

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Our association was founded in 2013, with the aim of managing research and teaching and dissemination activities at the Calina observatory by organizing evenings and observational days and taking courses in astronomy (basic and advanced). The associates are about forty, all passionate about astronomy, and carry out their activity as a volunteer.

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A ssoziazzione Cuore San Salvatore

Our association is particularly committed to keeping the "first responder" group active, people who have accepted the request of the Ticino Cuore Foundation and is committed to helping those affected by sudden cardiac arrest.

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CaronAntica is  a musical review dedicated to medieval, renaissance, baroque and classicism repertoire performed on period instruments. The concerts are free and are organized by the Emiolia Foundation which includes the musician Giulia Genini, Lisa Wenger and the musicologist Diego Fratelli

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The Loggia di Carona is an art and culture gallery located inside a historic building (formerly Loggia of the church of Carona). In order to enhance the monument e  to maintain its value, the committee has been committed for over 40 years  years in the organization of painting, sculpture and visual arts exhibitions in general.

La Loggia di Carona is managed by our non-profit association which makes space available to young Swiss artists.

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Insema is an association of young footballers from the football clubs AS Carona, FC Collina d'Oro, FC Melide and FC Paradiso. The goal is to offer all young people in the region, aged 6 to 20, the opportunity to play football and reach their full potential.

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​​​​​​​​​​ Recreational Events  Carona (MRC)

The purpose of the MRC (non-profit organization founded in 1979) is to entertain the people of Carona in the name of friendship.

Our flagship is the autumn chestnut which takes place every October.

In addition, for some years now, in the spring, we have been organizing a Jass tournament.

The proceeds from our business are used to offer cultural and food and wine tours in favor of all Caronese people.



The Parish of Carona, established in 1425, is the oldest entity still existing in the Carona district. It deals with numerous social, recreational and religious activities. The Parish manages the magnificent seventeenth-century churches of Santi Giorgio and Andrea, as well as the Sanctuary of the Madonna d'Ongero, the latter destination of numerous pilgrimages. The Parish organizes guided tours of the village of Carona and its main buildings. Holy Masses: every Saturday at 5 pm, every Sunday at 10.30 am.

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The association's goal is to promote tennis in particular and to maintain, promote and maintain friendly relations among its members in general. The association is apoliti-
ca and non-denominational.

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Logo Tennis club.jpg
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The VIBILU association was founded in the early 1990s  by a group of mothers in order to create meeting spaces for the citizens of Carona. 

Thus were born: a library for people of all ages and a playroom. This initiative immediately had a positive response and, given the good participation of the inhabitants, the committee decided to expand its activity, organizing various courses for children and young people of school age, as well as for adults.

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A group of inhabitants of Carona, after a careful analysis of the situation that has arisen after the Aggregation with Lugano and having long debated on how it was more appropriate to act to preserve the Sociality, the Culture, the Liveability of the territory, has decided to create the xCarona Association

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