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Carona, the Artists' Sanctuary

Carona can be proud of a large selection of sculptors, plasterers, painters and masonry masters who have emigrated to the most important cities in Europe, leaving behind important testimonies of their art. These artists usually returned to their homeland in the winter time and then worked on the decoration of their churches and homes. Marco von Carona was one of the most significant and was an architect and engineer. From 1389  he was the site manager at the Cathedral of Milan and in 1396 also at the Certosa of Pavia. The Solari family was also of great importance and created important works for many years. The big names like Petrini, Casella, Aprile, Scala, and Adami have also left important art in our village and the world.

The art guide has extensive knowledge on Carona, it's artists, and it's art monuments and he is available everywhere in Carona. Even in modern times Carona has hosted many famous people including names such as Meret Oppenheim, Kurt Kläber and Lisa Tetzner, Maria Braun, Hermann Hesse and last but not least Bertolt Brecht appear.


Carona   1/10

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